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If there is one thing for sure to let you know about me, than this: if cities were hot guys, I would definitely marry Barcelona! Since my first visit in May 2015 I am so much in love with this sunny and colorful city, that I have to come here at least twice a year (and have a heavy bell jar mood when it’s time to leave..)

So, how this obsession could happen? There is one very special someone to “blame”: my dearest catalan friend Marta (are you reading my blog? ;)! She provided me with SUCH amazing restaurant-, tapas- and wine-bar-tipps, that from the first bite it was clear that I have to move to Barcelona one day (she knows me, my best friends aren’t diamonds, but seafood plates!). And because the food here is too delicious to handle, I just can’t keep her greatest tipps for myself and have to share them with you! Be prepared to lick your fingers!! And for those not only thinking about food all the time I have some nice shopping and sightseeing jewels as well, enjoy!


BAR MUT (Calle Pau Claris, 192): THE best place for wine and tapas! This elegant bar is just perfect for a dinner date with your s.o.! It has an excellent wine selection and amazing exquisite tapas dishes (chateaubriand, sea cucumbers, wild sea brass, ceviche etc.). It’s not cheap, but the food is definitely worth the money – and you should make a reservation in advance.

CUINES SANTA CATERINA (Mercat de Santa Caterina): Inside the main market in El Born is this amazing restaurant where we went almost every day! The tapas made of fresh ingredients from the market – and you should definitely try the ceviche and the turbot fish (trust me!).

QUIMET & QUIMET (Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25): This tapas place in the now supertrendy Poble Sec neighbourhood is one of the ‘classics’: You can enjoy delicious tapas, their own great beer and the original vermouth. It’s really worth going and so crowded, that people are just standing in the street in front of the place with drinks and enjoy their tapas.

LA BOQUERIA market in Las Ramblas is an absolute must in Barcelona! It’s actually the best place to eat freshest fruits, drink natural juices and try authentic food in the places inside the market. Fresh fish, fresh seafood, fresh meat. Eat something at Bar Pinocho and also at Kiosko Universal!

EL XAMPANYET (Carrer de Montcada, 22): One of the ‘classics’ also and named after their home-made sparkling wine, this bar is the coolest bodega in town! Don’t miss the cava here, really worth going!

SHUNKA & KOY SHUNKA (Carrer dels Sagristans 5 and Carrer d’en Copons, 7): The best Japanese restaurants in the city if you crave good sushi.

MAURI PASTISSERIA (Rambla de Catalunya, 102): Authentic old style pastisserie & cafeteria to enjoy old style authentic catalan & spanish sweet bites. Take a seat by the window!

FLEX & KALE (Carrer dels Tallers, 74B): If you like to start your day healthy and clean, this is your place to be for breakfast and brunch! They have fresh cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies, great grilled papaya salad and other (as well glutenfree) creations that will make all vegan hearts happy as well.

THE JUICE HOUSE (Carrer del Parlament, 12): Another healthy clean eating spot for brunch, of you crave glutenfree oat pancakes!


When in Barcelona, I always stay in the supertrendy neighbourhood El Born. The atmosphere is just magical here: narrow streets, lovely flower decoration everywhere and nice romantic lights outside everywhere in the evening – Barcelona definitely was made for lovers in the evening! And during daytime it’s best time for shopping! A girls heart will be more than happy to stroll around and discover many beautiful stores with girlish clothes here:

TWELVE BCN (Carrer dels Flassaders, 12): I bought the jacket in the above pictures in this lovely store, the blazer and coat selection was so mindblowing, I just had to walk in! There were some great fake fur options as well – so definitely worth a visit!

And once in El Born, you should visit following stores as well: COQUETTE BCN (Carrer del Bonaire 5), LA COMERCIAL (Carrer del Rec 73), NOTENOM (Carrer del Rec 48) and VINCON (Passeig de Gracia, 96). Go also to the really good shopping center BULEVARD ROSA (Passeig de gracia 53), there is an amazing shop called ‘Sueños negros’. And there’s a cute sweets and candy shop to try the Spanish kind of gummies. There’s a cafeteria in the middle and a trendy ‘small food market’ for Spanish foodies. Pretty good.

Of course here in Barcelona are all classics like ZARA and MANGO (both around 20% cheaper in Spain!), UTERQÜE etc – but much more interesting are the smaller stores with clothes you usually don’t get elsewhere!


There is no other architect who influenced Barcelonas look as much as Antoni Gaudí did: his unique colorful and distinctive architectural designs are visible all around the city! If you see them, you will immediately recognize his typical shapes, curves, mosaic patterns and twisted iron sculptures. His greatest and most famous work is the giant Basilica SAGRADA FAMILIA, Barcelona’s most visited attraction. But actually all of his work is totally worth a visit: The CASA BATTLÓ with balconies looking like sculls and windows looking like bones, the magical PARK GÜELL with all the lovely scupltures (here you can visit as well the former home of the architect) and of course the PALAU GÜELL, one of his first buildings. All of the colors!!!

Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed our little virtual tour – and if you visit Barcelona, please let me know how you liked it, and if you enjoyed one of the above tapas bars? Or maybe you have another restaurant or shopping tipp I don’t know yet? Please share with me everything in the comments! Looking forward to hearing from you! Have an amazing week!