Luxury for Princess 18 Legally Blonde review 01

Todays post is gonna be all about my hair – my whole hair story with all the ups and downs, from the platinum-bleached-blonde-phase which ended with having less than half of my hair left, to a dark phase while growing all the blonde mess out until now, where after a loooong (reaaaaally long) way with trying out some different types of extensions I finally found a solution to be happy with my hair. So, brew up some tea and lean back, we’ll gonna talk a while!

My hair obsession started VERY early:

My hair story goes looong way back – actually, I had already as a small kid VERY long hair (extremely long even for russian girls). Look:

As a kid, I used to have LOOOOONG hair...

Since I can remember I received tons of compliments for my hair, everyone was talking about it and touching it, impressed of how long and blonde it was. I was always nominated to play the princess role in kindergarden’s stage play – all because of the hair. It was clear that the girl with the longest hair will play the princess. So, I became kinda obsessed with my long hair, it fascinated me ever since. I started to pay attention 90% to hairstyle when seeing a women walking by – and until today hair is the first thing I notice when looking at a girl.

The blonder, the better – bring on the bleach!… Or how I paid for my youthful follies:

At the age of 14, I started bleaching my long natural hair. By myself. With drugstore bleach including 12% ammonia (OMG! I’m still dying inside remembering this! If only I could turn back time!). I did it 4 years in a row… and as you can imagine, all of the long magnificence quickly turned into a bunch of fried straw mess, getting thinner and thinner. That was the price for being that blonde for me. At the age of 18 my hair was so thin and poor that I decided to get bonded keratin hair extensions. When I left the saloon with the whole head covered with extensions, I felt great: my hair looked thick, full and amazing. Ha, the rude awakening came quickly after taking the extensions out for the first time…

My first bonded extensions looked great... until taking them out left me with only half of my original hair left...
My first bonded extensions looked great… until taking them out left me with only half of my original hair left…

After taking the bonded extensions out I had the biggest shock considering my appearance so far: I swear, not even half of my hair was left! It looked thin, broken, damaged and just in the worst condition ever – so I looked for an alternative to bonded extensions and bought some clip-in extensions in an Afro Shop. I wore them during the day and took them out before going to bed, to let my hair breathe and relax at night at least. (Going out with my natural thin and damaged hair was no option – being seen without extensions was my biggest nightmare). The hair quality from my Afro-Shop-clip-ins was so-so, I was consistently looking for better hair, switched to ‘remy’ quality and started to order hair online, tried out almost every brand – but no hair really left me happy, I still had the feeling of not having found the right quality for me. And this is how I ‘survived’ the following 10 years: Consistently searching for good clip-in-hair and accepting that maybe I never ever will be happy with my hair again…

Either being blonde… or finally having heathy hair: Growing out everything from scratch

After 10 years with blonde damaged hair and poor quality extensions I finally had enough and decided to grow out my natural hair color. Even if  saying goodbye to the blonde after almost 15 years was hard, having healthy hair became my highest priority. SOOO I took the big step and for the first time ever colored my hair BROWN, to let it grow out and renew completely (with fitting extensions in brown, of course): I thought that blonde AND healthy is impossible to align on my head…

Going back to the roots...
Here you see me 1 day after coloring my hair darker. In this picture I’m wearing clip-in extensions. There are no pictures existing from me without the extensions, because my natural hair looked SO poor during this time…

The following 2 years with dark hair were LONG. I could hardly recognize myself without the blonde hair. But I really managed to let my hair grow out and haven’t touched it with color (until last year). And what should I say- they finally completely transformed! Straw turned into silk again, my hair became shiny, healthy and really long. Now I saw how much damage bleach really does to hair: leaving it away changed my hair state completely.

Finally happy again with my hair:

So, last year my natural hair was in good condition again – and I dared to put in some light blonde ombre highlights (never stopped to missed the blonde! But I would NEVER do the mistake again to bleach my hair that strong!). So, a few highlights are the maximum color I allow myself – and thanks to Olaplex my hair is still in a good condition. Aaaaaand I was lucky to finally discover clip-in extensions with phenomenal quality, which I use since the first try and am absolutely happy with: Luxury for Princess hair. This was the beginning of a time period when my hair started to look sensational. SO good, that I received compliments for it again! My natural healthy hair combined with these high quality extensions finally gave me the look I haven’t dared to dream about anymore – natural, full and healthy looking hair, falling in soft long waves over my shoulders!

My hair today – with some blonde highlights and clip-in extensions from Luxury for Princess

So, after my experiences I can really advise 2 things: NEVER exagerate with bleach! Because once the hair is fried, it just won’t look healthy again until it has grown out completely. And my second advise is: if you’re looking for really great extensions, you should definitely try the Luxury for Princess clip-ins! After over 10 years of searching I finally have found hair which is of such good quality that you don’t even see I’m wearing extensions, so I would like to introduce them to you (gotta secret, can’t keep it!). As not that many european women are blessed with hair THAT superlong and full, not even Victoria’s Secret models – they all wear extensions! – a little help never killed nobody!

Luxury for Princess Clip-in Extensions: what you can expect

I always order the 320′ Princess Supreme set in the color 18 Legally Blonde, they match exactly with my own hair color. When you receive the 320′ set for the first time, your mind will be blown: the hair is SO superthick, soft, full and healthy from ‘roots’ to ends. The set comes with the clips already attached and contains 8 parts in different sizes:

Luxury for Princess 320′ Supreme Hair in the Color 18 Legally Blonde

I always use half of the hair for beach waves (this hair I cut a bit, to blend it better with my own length) and the other half for braided hairstyles (this hair I don’t cut – for braids it can be left as long as possible).

Styling soft beach waves (the Victoria’s Secret kind of waves):

Yes, as almost every girl, I LOOOVE the soft big curls like Victoria’s Secret angels are wearing them – and with the extensions it’s no problem at all to create this look on almost every hair. I use 4 clips in the lower half of my hair, this makes the look more natural:


I use a classic GHD hair straightener to create the waves, to make these typical loose and messy waves. I start with small sections at the bottom (the smaller the section, the longer will the curls last) and twist every section with the straightener. The ends I let out, to make the waves look more messy and loose, I like my curls not too defined:


Styling Braids:

As you might have already noticed ;), I looove braiding my hair – especially creating superlong braids is fun! With the extensions you can actually create every hair style you want – the braids look thicker, longer and just more impressive than with natural hair.  I use the uncutted hair for braiding and show you 2 styles I created recently (with pictures of every step, so you can re-create the styles):


Styling Victorias Secret waves with flat iron



Dear guys, I hope you enjoyed this superlong hairy post – but as I have a LOT to say when it comes to hair, I wanted to combine everything in one post, containing years of my experiences with hunting for the perfect extensions and managing to finally have healthy and good looking hair! In case there are still some questions left from your side, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments, I’m am open book! (Unless it comes to showing my 2013-hair without extensions, I made sure that not a one single picture exists! 😉 Xoxo, Anastasia