Green Desigual coat (here, chosen from their Christmas collection), Original Elbsegler hat (similar here), H&M Knit Dress (similar here), Tory Burch Purse (here), Buffalo Overknee Boots (here)

Is it weird, that my love regarding colors totally changes, according to the time of the year? In summer I love light pastel tones?. Autumn? Bring on the burgundy, camel and brown??! And as soon as it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas, I start to feel the christmas spirit when wearing red and green❤️?! So, yes – the coat choice in the above pictures is no coincidence! There are just a few more days left until the big day – and you will for sure have all your presents together and can’t wait to happily watch all important men and women in your life unpacking them, right?

So, are you one of those who enjoy with full heart looking for presents, and are excited af for the gifts you’ll get yourself? Or do you belong to the other group, who is completely stressed out by the thought of all the presents they need to find in december? This year some of my people have (dared to!) asked me, IF we exchange gifts this year! I-F!?

bf just asked if we were xchanging gifts this yr

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Everyone who knows me well is definitely aware that I LOOOVE making and receiving presents (hey, #iamwhoiam)! And my boyfriend is always joking that he’s loosing half of his hair in the days before christmas, because he knows how important gifts are to me and he doesn’t want to mess up!

To spend christmas without gifts sounds way too unromantic to me. Or to say it with the words of the writer-hero of my adolescence Wäis Kiani: “Small presents keep the friendship going. And BIG presents more than ever!” And she also added “every man should know that”, ha! Girl knows how to roll! (In case you haven’t read her 2005-masterpiece “Stirb, Susi!”, go run to the next (german) bookstore!)

Presents make both happy, donor and recipient – so why voluntarily go without? Here some people start to comment that they don’t want a date to dictate them when to give, and that Coca Cola invented Santa Claus just to force us to shop, and they don’t see much sense in giving you something for a certain amount of money and getting back a gift for the same amount, so they just suggest to drop the whole thing and get nothing. Yeah – why buy a christmas tree, if you throw it out after the holidays anyway? And why eat, if it leaves your body anyhow? And why live, if you die one day, huh? These are usually the same people who hate Valentine’s Day. And if you follow their logic you won’t celebrate anything with presents anymore (birthdays – are they feeling forced to shop here, too – because it’s a certain date as well? What about enjoying choosing something for a person you like? Look forward to her unpacking full of excitement? No familiar situation?). And I doubt that those people would ever get a present in their whole life, if a date wouldn’t force them. And by the way: What would Beyoncé sing in “8 Days of Christmas” if her baby would hate making presents?

The tradition of christmas presents goes waaay back (and was for sure not invented by Coca Cola!): gifts should remind us of the three wise men who visited Jesus right after his birth and brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. Almost every country has it’s own date to give and open presents: In Germany and Austria we do it on december 24. French people put shoes out in the night of the 24, which get filled up with presents and opened the morning after. In the US it’s also the morning after, december 25, where everyone runs full of excitement to look under the beautiful decorated green christmas tree (which by the way was meant to stand for hope and preservation of life during the dark and cold winter time). What a pity for those who don’t experience all of this christmas mood and excitement (and not even get a tree)..

I’m definitely a christmas person and enjoy everything that comes with it every year straight from the heart! I’m baking christmas cookies while listening to my christmas playlist, rewatch E-V-E-R-Y christmas movie several times (I know each word from “Love, Actually” and “The Holiday” by heart), and as well all christmas episodes of my favorite tv shows, wear all them christmas sweaters, freak out with home decoration and light chains, make hot cinnamon chocolate almost daily (ahhh, just for the smell alone!) and have even my own christmas traditions with friends, which we invented and repeat every year – and nothing would ever convince me to stop! What about you? Are you celebrating christmas time? And what do you think about presents? Love, hugs and looots of christmas spirit to all of you!???, Anastasia